Meditation is one of the best things you can do – for yourself and for others.
The kind of meditation we practice is first and foremost a secular, open awareness, mindfulness meditation that comes out of the Buddhist tradition.
We make no spiritual or religious truth claims. And we sit on chairs – no need to sit on the floor like the monks.
Our approach to mindfulness is one which makes sense for people in Aotearoa New Zealand at this point in time, at the same time respecting the intention of the early teachings.
Meditation practice is actually very simple and straightforward.
Expectations can get in the way though, and make the practice seem complicated.
Meditation sessions usually consist of:
  •   meet & greet
  •   a 20 minute open awareness meditation followed by a few minutes of journalling
  •   A discussion of various aspects of secular meditation
A venue is yet to be founf but if you would like to meet over a coffee/tea and have a chat with me I would be happy to do so. You can reach me on 022 6102 910