The purpose of meditation is personal transformation

Over time, meditation changes you by making you deeply aware of your own thoughts, words and deeds. It enables you to make kinder and more generous choices for yourself and others, reducing suffering in yourself and others.

All of this happens through understanding

As your practice develops, you start to become aware of the habits of your mind. Piece by piece, you begin see your instinctive reactivity, bias, arrogance, and antagonism. A regular meditation practice helps you develop the skill of pausing before reacting in unskilled or unproductive ways (such as reactions based on anger, or self recrimination). In the moment, you learn to choose compassion and generosity for yourself and others.
Secular Buddhists suggest that a compassionate and meaningful way of being in the world is found in the four great tasks, and the eightfold path. Even with a regular meditation practice, you will still experience the ups and downs of life, but you will be better able to meet those experiences with equanimity.
So is this reason enough to start? There is only one way you will ever know if meditation is worth the effort for you. Give it a try, and see for yourself.